About Kab Films India

KAB FILMS INDIA Studio is a digital studios producing animation, visual effects and design, we tell our story in form of films. After our early success with leading advertising agencies and television commercial directors, we made the leap into feature films, getting a start on films such as PICTURE Movie. Since then, we’ve continued to attract audiences with our visual effects and animated feature. It’s safe to say we’re pretty good at animating just about anything now.

From making VFX Blockbusters to youth-oriented films and animation series, under supervision of Pixar studios.

Over the last five year KAB FILMS catalogue of films could be easily India’s most enviable film catalogue in the entertainment business. From 2017 making it one of the growing film – making entities in the nation.

We started with 3 person enterprise but now we have more than 50 person enterprise also we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some revolutionary directors and producers to create some spectacular and memorable images and stories on our journey.

KAB FILMS INDIA Studio’s VFX division incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity that is abundant in our studio. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, the future is bright, and we’re excited.

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