Product Photoshoot for ecommerce

For e-commerce/Personal website

Product Photoshoot for e-commerce is a crucial aspect of online retail as it
directly influences how potential customers perceive and engage with your
products. High-quality and visually appealing product images can significantly
impact your sales and brand reputation. Here’s some essential information
about product shoots for e-commerce:

Importance of Product shoot.

Top 5 Importance of Product Photoshoot

  1. First Impression Matters:
    • In the absence of physical touch, customers rely heavily on product images to make purchasing decisions. A well-executed product shoot creates a positive first impression, leading to higher conversion rates.
  2. Showcasing Product Details:
    • Detailed and clear images allow customers to examine product features, texture, color, and quality, helping them understand what they are buying.
  3. Building Trust:
    • Professional product images instill trust in your brand, indicating that you take your products and customers seriously.
  4. Brand Consistency:
    • Consistent photography style and background for all products create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.
  5. SEO and Marketing:
    • High-quality images can be used for SEO purposes, as well as in marketing campaigns and social media, promoting your products effectively.

Professional Product Photoshoot Package.

We are “KAAB Films India Pvt. Ltd.”. we worked in this industry from last 3
year and providing so many service related to Pre-production, Postproduction and Digital Service.

Package Price – 20,000
Package Details:

  • Product Photoshoot Session:
    • Up to 5 hours of dedicated product Photography session.
    • Professional Studio setup with latest equipment’s and lighting.
    • White, black, or colored background options as per preference.
    • Careful Positioning and styling of the products to showcase their best features.
  • Product Styling:
    • Expert product styling to ensure your items look their best.
    • Attention to detail in arranging props and accessories to enhance the overall composition
  • High-Quality Editing:
    • Comprehensive post-processing of images to ensure color accuracy and consistency.
    • Removal of minor blemishes and imperfections to present flawless product images.
    • Image enhancement to make your products stand out.
  • Image Resolution and Formats:
    • High-resolution images suitable for various purposes, including web and print.
    • JPEG format for online use and PNG format with transparent background if needed.
  • Number of Products:
    • Photoshoot coverage for up to 10 products (additional products can be accommodated at an extra cost).
  • Image Delivery:
    • You will receive the edited images via a secure online gallery or a downloadable link.
    • Images will be ready for use within 4-5 business days after the photoshoot.
  • Commercial Usage Rights:
    • You will have full commercial usage rights for the images, allowing you to use them for marketing, advertising, and selling purposes without any restrictions.
  • Add-On Services (Optional):
    • 360-Degree Product Photography: Additional 1000 Per Product – Provide a more interactive view of your products, allowing customers to rotate and examine them from all angles.
    • Customized Backgrounds: Additional 1000 Per Product – Opt for unique
      backgrounds or themed settings that match your brand identit.

Note: The package price and details are subject to change based on specific requirements and customization. Please contact us to discuss your product photoshoot needs and receive a personalized quote.